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It’s never been a better time to achieve your goal of Black Belt than it is right now. Through our Accelerated Black Belt Program, you can earn your certified and accredited Black Belt in Okinawan Karate in as little as 12 months.  Develop self-defense skills, learn and study traditional techniques, discover the rich history of the Okinawan Martial Arts, and master the disciplines of Black Belt through our comprehensive Distance Learning Program. Sensei Mark Roscoe has taken 30 years of martial arts experience and combined it with his knowledge of e-learning (online learning) to create a martial arts training program that will help you reach your goal of Black Belt! Train anywhere – anytime! 
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Master Instructor

Online Karate InstructorSensei Mark Roscoe began his martial arts training at the age of 14 in 1982 and has been teaching martial arts since 1985. A proficient and proven martial arts instructor, Sensei Roscoe has won multiple martial arts titles including World Champion Black Belt Kumite in 1995. Sensei Roscoe has been the instructor for more than 800 students and is now dedicated to helping students learn traditional Okinawan Karate through this comprehensive online martial arts training opportunity. To learn more about Sensei Roscoe, the teaching philosophy behind his distance learning instruction, and the many benefits of studying martial arts, please visit this link: Earn Your Black Belt Today!

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Two Popular Myths About Online Martial Arts


Myth #1: You Can't Learn Martial Arts Online

Well established and trusted colleges and universities are turning to online education at an amazing rate. These include Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT and many more. And it's not just academics, online classes are being held to teach people such things as archery, tennis, bowling, shooting, golf and much more. Martial Artists are just now beginning to realize the benefits of online teaching so you don't see many investing the time and money into developing quality programs. We've seen the benefits and have gone to extensive detail to bring you the best in online martial arts training.


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Myth #2: You Can't Earn Your Black Belt In 12 Months

With our unique online program, we have the benefit of our students' ability to train anywhere and anytime, we're not limited by geographic location, class schedules or class sizes. No interruptions to your training for missed classes during vacations, inclement weather, bad traffic or the need to work late. You can train anytime of day or night - whatever fits your schedule!

Furthermore, some of the best known martial artists earned their Black Belt in much less time than is traditionally taught. Joe Lewis, considered to be "The greatest Karate fighter of all time" by Bruce Lee, earned his Black Belt (in Okinawan Karate no less) in 7 months! (reference here) - - So it is absolutely possible for you to reach Black Belt, and be fully qualified to wear that coveted belt, in as little as 12 months! Of course the time it takes to reach black belt has many factors, but the primary element determining your success is your willingness to practice and train daily.

I firmly believe everyone should be able to succeed in attaining their Black Belt! So Join Today!

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