benefits of martial arts - Improved Balance

Benefits of Martial Arts Training: Improved Balance

The day I sat down to write this article on how Martial Arts Training improves Balance it was pouring down rain here in Richmond, VA (where our dojo headquarters are located). I had stopped off at Target to pick up a few things for the house and as I entered the store, I stepped on […]

benefits of martial arts - Memory Retention

Benefits of Martial Arts Training: Memory Retention

When people speak about the benefits of martial arts, they usually don’t consider memory retention as one of the top five. But this is one of the primary benefits you’ll notice once you’ve been practicing for a while. Memory retention is developed through the constant movements, techniques and skills to which you’ll be exposed. Let’s […]

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Benefits of Martial Arts Training: Introduction

When I think back over the years of my own martial arts training, I can’t help but reflect on how martial arts impacted me outside of the dojo, and far beyond simple punches, kicks and blocks. In fact, when I think back on how my martial arts training has impacted my life, it has less […]