We’ve answered some of the most common questions about Karate Academy Online to help you with discovering how Studying Martial Arts at Home can be a rewarding journey!


How long does it take to earn a Black Belt?
Answer: Most of our students earn their Black Belt within 12 – 14 months from the time they begin training. The greatest factor is your own determination through daily practice and implementing the training techniques we teach. The remainder of our students earn their Black Belt within two years.


Will I earn the same rank as students who train in a physical dojo (karate school)?
Answer: Yes! All our students earn rank that is nationally and internationally recognized. Our online students earn a certificate of rank that looks exactly like those that train in a brick and mortar dojo. Here’s a sample of a Certificate of Rank for an online student:Online Karate Certificate of Rank


Are There Any Testing Fees or Hidden Costs?
Answer: No! We don’t charge testing fees or any other fees. Your monthly tuition covers the full cost of your training through First Degree Black Belt.


What Style of Karate Do You Teach?
Answer: We teach a traditional Okinawan Karate called Uechi-ryu. This style finds its roots in Southern China as the Kung-fu style of Pangainoon.


What Will I Receive When I Become A Student?
Answer: Each student receives immediate access to our online karate lessons which includes 165 Lessons, 120 Detailed Instructional Videos and Advanced Training Techniques which will allow you to accelerate your training, allowing you to complete your Black Belt in as little as 12 months! We are continually adding to this library of training techniques to insure you have access to the latest in skill development practices.

Accelerated Black Belt Program – Students who enroll in the Accelerated Black Belt program receive a free student uniform upon registration, and a certificate of rank and appropriate colored belt for each successful test completed*. The program is based on a month to month model and students typically progress through a belt every 4-6 weeks, reaching Black Belt within 12-16 months.

Black Belt Club Program – Upon enrollment in the Black Belt Club, you’ll receive a free student uniform, school t-shirt and school I.D. card*. This program is similar to the Accelerated Black Belt Program but the tuition is capped at 3 payments of $195 each. This ensures your maximum investment in obtaining your Black Belt will not exceed that amount.


How Many Belt Tests Until Black Belt?
Answer: There are ten belt tests on the way to Black Belt. Most students test each month, starting with the yellow belt and concluding with the Black Belt, unless you desire to continue your training to second or third degree.


Will I Be Qualified to Teach?
Answer: Yes! Once you complete your Black Belt, you’ll be qualified to teach. However, we do recommend continuing in our instructor training course (which includes second and third degree Black Belt curriculum) once you complete Black Belt if you want to teach.


Is First Degree Black Belt the Highest Rank?
Answer: No! We test all the way through Third Degree Black Belt (Sandan). After Sandan, we will continue to test for those students who wish to continue, but testing is altered significantly in that skill in teaching is emphasized over skill in technique.


*We offer training to students world wide, however due to shipping costs, we only offer uniforms, tshirts, id cards, belts and certificates to persons within the US and APO address.