Martial Arts Designed Specifically For Homeschoolers!

Now your home school student(s) can learn martial arts while developing valuable physical fitness habits and increasing focus, concentration and a host of other life enhancing skills.

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Here's What You're Getting When You Join Karate Academy Online Today...

  • Detailed Curriculum All The Way to Black Belt!

    The Homeschool Martial Arts Program is designed to equip parents with the knowledge of assisting students through their curriculum. Each student should belt test approximately every 6 weeks complimenting your student’s other courses throughout the school year, and guiding them to the ultimate goal of Black Belt!

  • Develop the Body along with the Mind!

    All our martial arts programs are designed to emphasize life skills including concentration, focus, confidence, self-control, self-discipline, control, respect, courtesy and more. So each student benefits from the physical activity of martial arts while also developing skills that will enhance their other learning courses.

  • Personalized Instructor Feedback

    We consider our teaching as a partnership with parents. We assist you, the parent, by  equipping you with the knowledge to be the onsite martial arts teacher. Additionally, we can personally encourage and coach with you along the way so your child can reach their maximum potential. Instructors provide detailed feedback outlining exactly what to improve for the next belt test so there’s no questioning your next steps for improvement.

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Homeschool KarateNo Contract, Cancel Anytime

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