Homeschool Martial Arts Program
(Ages 5-12)

Join Thousands of Homeschooled Students Who Are Training Martial Arts Online!

All Black Belt Training Programs at Karate Academy Online contain video and written lessons to guide you through each level of your progression, from white belt all the way through black belt and beyond. Each program contains twelve courses, one course corresponding to each belt level. Each of these courses in turn contain six to twelve (6 – 12) lessons covering kata (forms), skill drills, one-step self-defense drills, and historical data on the formation of Okinawan Martial Arts. Each lesson builds on itself and leads to the successful completion of each belt level.

The unique nature of our homeschool program (which can be useful for all children regardless of whether they are homeschooled) is that each lesson contains “teaching helps” for parents as you help coach your child toward each of their belt goals. We believe families grow stronger as parents coach their children in the ways of martial arts!

  • Earn Your Black Belt in 16-18 months*

  • Designed Specifically for Children Ages 5-12

  • Perfect for Homeshooled Children

  • Access to All Rank Appropriate Training Materials

  • Skills and Drills to Make Learning Fun and Interesting

  • Training Plans and Preparation

  • Individualized Instructor Feedback

  • Free Testing – Includes Belt and Rank Certificate at Every Level

  • Includes FREE Uniform


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