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Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts Weapons Training


In response to a large number of martial arts students who have indicated they don’t have the opportunity to train in traditional martial arts weapons in their area, we’ve decided to add Kobudo Training (Traditional Martial Arts Weapons Training) to our online karate academy.

Online Martial Arts Weapons TrainingNow you can get the traditional weapons training you’ve always wanted in the comfort of your own training space. Learn to master the bo, sai, kama and sword.

Throughout the martial arts, you’ll find a history that links karate (empty hand) training with kobudo (weapons) training. Unfortunately many martial arts schools have not developed their Kobudo Training and so we have encountered many students seeking this coveted training. To help those of you searching for martial arts weapons training, we’re now offering an Online Kobodu Black Belt Program.

When we began putting this program together, we thought we’d simply offer different training modules for the different weapons. But as we began rolling out our courses on a per student basis, students began asking if we’d offer belt/certificate ranking for Kobudo, and so we began to think about why we were now offering martial arts weapons training.

And what we came up with was this…

Our primary focus is always to help our students become the very best they can be in all aspects of their life, something we continually refer to as Black Belt Excellence. It’s not enough to just master a few sets of moves or obtain a certain belt rank, but rather to assist our students in developing the type of attitude and spirit that will help our students excel academically, professionally, spiritually and socially.

We want our students to be great martial artists, but we also want them to be great in everything they do!

So after talking it over with several students who’d been testing out the new online martial arts weapons training courses, we decided to offer an Online Kobodu Black Belt Program. This program is designed with the same rigor as our Accelerated Black Belt Program and offers you, the student, an opportunity to achieve an internationally recognized rank in kobudo.


Here’s What You’ll Get in the Kobudo Black Belt Program

You’ll receive complete instruction in the Bo, Sai, Kama and Katana, including an introduction to each weapon, it’s historical background and original use, and how to select the right size, shape and weight for training, demonstration and real life application.

You’ll have four complete modules of lessons that will teach you kata, practical application and one-step training drills . At the completion of each module (approximately 6 – 8 weeks of training), you’ll complete a test on that weapon which consists of uploading a video of you performing the appropriate kata.

For instance, once you complete Module One, The Bo Staff, you’ll have the opportunity to test for your Green Belt in Kobudo. Upon successful completion, we’ll mail your new belt and certificate.

Then you’ll move on to Module Two, The Sai, and again after approximately 6 – 8 weeks you’ll have the opportunity to test on that module and upon successful completion you’ll receive your Brown Belt in Kobodu.

There are Four Modules and Tests:

Module One – Green Belt – Bo Staff

Module Two – Brown Belt – Sai

Module Three – Red Belt – Kama

Module Four – Black Belt – Katana (sword)

Upon completion of all four modules, you’ll receive your Black Belt in Kobudo along with your Kobudo Black Belt Certificate.

If you complete all modules on time, you can

complete this training in as little as 24 weeks!

As with all of our online martial arts courses, there are never any hidden fees such as test fees. All your training, and lifetime access to all our training videos, is included in your tuition.


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The Kobudo Black Belt Program

  •   Instant Access to Kobudo Black Belt Curriculum
  •   Designed to reach Black Belt in Kobudo within  8 months
  •   Free Belts/Certificates*
  •   Lifetime Access to all Kobudo Black Belt Curriculum
  •   Includes all training through 1st Degree Kobudo Black Belt

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I am so sure you’ll be happy with your program that I am offering a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure you are completely satisfied with your course. If for any reason you wish to discontinue your training within the first 30 days, simply return your new student package in good condition and I’ll promptly issue a refund.

*We offer training to students world wide, however due to shipping costs, we only offer uniforms, tshirts, id cards, belts, and certificates to persons within the US and APO/IPO address.