Benefits of Martial Arts Training: Introduction

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

When I think back over the years of my own martial arts training, I can’t help but reflect on how martial arts impacted me outside of the dojo, and far beyond simple punches, kicks and blocks. In fact, when I think back on how my martial arts training has impacted my life, it has less to do with the physical aspects of karate and more to do with things that have helped me attain my personal and professional goals, find quietness in a busy world and enjoy the journey of life.

As a kid I grew up with great martial artists like Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Joe Lewis. These “hero’s” were (and still are) martial arts legends and I remember wanting to be just like them. While they all displayed great physical abilities, there seemed to be more to them than the average person. I was drawn to their calm nature and seemingly endless confidence.

What I was realizing without knowing it was there’s a lot more to martial arts than what meets the eye. Martial arts is more than cage fighting, sport or even self-defense, the martial arts are first and foremost about life. It’s about developing life enhancing skills that help you become the person you want to be and assists you in obtaining your goals and aspirations.

Bruce Lee once said, “To be a martial artist, is to be an artist of life.” Outside of my family and faith, I have learned more about life from my life-long involvement in martial arts than any other endeavor.

Through this short series on the benefits of martial arts, I will unpack some of the primary aspects of martial arts that have impacted my life in meaningful ways.

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To Your Success!

Sensei Mark Roscoe

This is the introduction to a series of articles on the Benefits of Martial Arts. The series links are listed below:

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