Benefits of Martial Arts Training: Improved Balance

benefits of martial arts - Improved BalanceThe day I sat down to write this article on how Martial Arts Training improves Balance it was pouring down rain here in Richmond, VA (where our dojo headquarters are located). I had stopped off at Target to pick up a few things for the house and as I entered the store, I stepped on the newly waxed, tile floor and completely lost my footing. The tile was wet and my feet completely slipped on the we surface, but thankfully I didn’t fall. Not only would that have been completely embarrassing, but I might have been injured! Thankfully I was able to maintain my balance and keep from falling, giving credit to my martial arts training.

This is a simple, everyday example of how martial arts training improves balance, but it is not the only benefit of increased balance. Improved balance not only can protect you from a fall from slipping, tripping or stumbling, but it can also improve other sports and physical activities in which you might be involved.

Many of our students report their martial arts training has improved their soccer, tennis, football, and other sports as well as dance, gymnastics and even swimming. Martial Arts is not only for training punches, kicks, blocks and other self-defense moves, but it’s a total fitness training opportunity.

The body naturally adjusts itself to maintain balance, creating movement that counterbalances other movement or weight distribution. Martial arts training emphasizes this natural tendency, working with the natural instincts of the body to create an equilibrium of balance that will benefit anyone at any stage of their life.

So increased balance is just another ‘one’ of the many benefits of martial arts training. Again martial arts training is about wholeness of mind, body and spirit!

To your success and health!

Sensei Mark Roscoe

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