Karate Academy Online Kick-Off!

After teaching in excess of 800 students over the past 30 years, Sensei Mark Roscoe has designed a program to leverage the advancements in online learning along with his own experiences of distance learning. These elements combined with the continued advancement of the Internet, allows students all over the world to benefit from martial arts training but with the benefit of setting your own training time and place. Additionally there’s no longer the embarrassment of being the  ‘new student’ in the class, commuting to and from the dojo in traffic, and receiving little instruction in crowded karate classes.

Our online karate academy offers quality instruction designed to give you the best training in Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts. You’ll receive the same training, based on the same curriculum, that’s been taught in dojo’s around the world for centuries. You’ll also benefit from contemporary training drills that continue to be improved and refined.

The aim of this academy is to provide you with the best martial arts training available, through a convenient distant learning process, instilling life skills (concentration, focus, goal setting and achieving, improved health, and many others), while helping you learn an effective form of self-defense in the event you ever need to protect yourself or others. This traditional Okinawan Martial Art (think Karate Kid) has been used to help defend the farmers and merchants of the Okinawan island people ever since the Japanese Samurai began pillaging their towns as far back as the 1600’s. These same martial arts have continued to evolve over the centuries into effective, weaponless defense systems able to be employed by any person of any size.

We hope you enjoy your training here at the Karate Academy Online and invite you to begin your journey to Black Belt with us. We invite you to explore our getting started section in order to begin your Online Karate Training.

Here’s to YOUR Black Belt Success!

Sensei Mark Roscoe


Now With Two Convenient Ways To Join!

The Accelerated Black Belt Program

  •   Instant Access to Accelerated Black Belt Program Curriculum
  •   Designed to reach Black Belt in 12 months
  •   Includes Free Uniform
  •   Free Belts/Certificates

Investment is Just $59/month


The Black Belt Club

  •   Instant Access to Accelerated Black Belt Program Curriculum
  •   Designed to reach Black Belt in 12 months
  •   Includes Free Uniform, T-shirt & I.D. Card
  •   Free Belts/Certificates
  •   Lifetime Access to all Black Belt Curriculum
  •   Includes all training through 1st Degree Black Belt

Just 3 Installments of $195/each








I am so sure you’ll be happy with your program that I am offering a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure you are completely satisfied with your course. If for any reason you wish to discontinue your training within the first 30 days, simply return your new student package in good condition and I’ll promptly issue a refund.

*We offer training to students world wide, however due to shipping costs, we only offer uniforms, tshirts, id cards, belts, and certificates to persons within the US and APO address.