Sensei Roscoe’s Teaching Philosophy

Unfortunately when I began training in the Martial Arts back in 1982, the average rate of completing your black belt was one in a hundred. This was especially true in the more traditional arts of Japanese and Okinawan Karate. I can remember attending classes that were two plus hours in length for months at a time without any positive reinforcement along the way. After almost a year of training, I finally received my first belt advancement – a green piece of electrical tape at the tip of my white belt. For most, this was just an unenjoyable process and I witnessed most of my classmates dropping out after just a few months.

In the years that followed, I finally reached the goal of Black Belt along with one other of my good friends. We were the exception to the rule as we both witnessed dozens of others quitting due to the laborious process. After much reflection into the benefits of martial arts training, I concluded that I wanted others to appreciate the martial arts and all the benefits martial arts training offers. It is towards this effort that I set out to create a method of sharing a way of life that has enhanced my relationships, improved my success in business, and led me to a more fulfilled life.

You can read about all the benefits of martial arts training in my new article entitled amazingly enough The Benefits of Martial Arts Training.

Now that I’ve had years of developing a teaching philosophy that focuses on these benefits, I have decided to take this teaching online so that others might continue to benefit. In researching for this project, I was introduced to the two primary reasons people don’t complete their goal of Black Belt.

The first of these reasons is that martial arts training has escalated in price. Due to an ever increasing overhead of leasing space, maintaining liability insurance, and a host of other business costs, martial arts training has become more and more expensive. This increase in price has become a hurdle for many martial arts students as they struggle to determine the best use of their income. This is the primary reason I have decided to keep our monthly tuition at a reasonable rate. By utilizing virtual, online training programs with our students training at home, we’re able to offer our martial arts training at a rate that allows many others to benefit from this life enhancing activity.

I’ve already alluded to the other primary factor why so many fall short of their Black Belt goal – the time it takes to complete a traditional program. After careful consideration, I’ve determined that many instructors over the years have placed too much emphasis on making it as hard as possible to get to Black Belt. I admit that I was one of those instructors in my early years of teaching – primarily because I had to endure this practically impossible process myself and thought it only fair others should as well!

However as a veteran martial arts teacher, I have determined it is far better to develop a system in which people are encouraged to be successful. So I’ve developed a comprehensive, proprietary system of training that will instill the physical, mental and spiritual attributes of martial arts success that can be successfully completed in 12 – 14 months.

I want everyone to experience the life enhancing attributes of Black Belt Excellence! When I have something wonderful to share, why in the world would I want to make it as difficult as possible?

My hope is that if you’re not already a student of Karate Academy Online, that you’ll consider becoming a student in our proprietary Adult Online Martial Arts Program!

Here’s to your success in Martial Arts, Life and all that you endeavor!

Dedicated to your success,
Sensei Mark Roscoe


Now With Two Convenient Ways To Join!

The Accelerated Black Belt Program

  •   Instant Access to Accelerated Black Belt Program Curriculum
  •   Designed to reach Black Belt in 12 months
  •   Includes Free Uniform
  •   Free Belts/Certificates

Investment is Just $59/month


The Black Belt Club

  •   Instant Access to Accelerated Black Belt Program Curriculum
  •   Designed to reach Black Belt in 12 months
  •   Includes Free Uniform, T-shirt & I.D. Card
  •   Free Belts/Certificates
  •   Lifetime Access to all Black Belt Curriculum
  •   Includes all training through 1st Degree Black Belt

Just 3 Installments of $195/each








I am so sure you’ll be happy with your program that I am offering a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure you are completely satisfied with your course. If for any reason you wish to discontinue your training within the first 30 days, simply return your new student package in good condition and I’ll promptly issue a refund.

*We offer training to students world wide, however due to shipping costs, we only offer uniforms, tshirts, id cards, belts, and certificates to persons within the US and APO address.