OMAA Black Belt Club Online

All New OMAA Black Belt Club Tee Shirts

We’re excited to announce we have completely redesigned the OMAA Black Belt Club tee-shirts. Now all students who join the Accelerated Black Belt Club, will receive this newly designed shirt! So join up today and get your Free Martial Arts Uniform, Free OMAA Black Belt Club Tee-shirt and Official OMAA Black Belt Club Membership Card. Simply […]

OMAA Black Belt Club

OMAA Black Belt Club

What is the O.M.A.A. Black Belt Club? The O.M.A.A. Black Belt Club is a program for dedicated students who’ve made black belt their ultimate goal. Students will have access to additional training videos, techniques, tips, and skill training that will enhance their overall training in martial arts and positively impact all areas of their lives. […]

benefits of martial arts - Improved Balance

Benefits of Martial Arts Training: Improved Balance

The day I sat down to write this article on how Martial Arts Training improves Balance it was pouring down rain here in Richmond, VA (where our dojo headquarters are located). I had stopped off at Target to pick up a few things for the house and as I entered the store, I stepped on […]

benefits of martial arts - Memory Retention

Benefits of Martial Arts Training: Memory Retention

When people speak about the benefits of martial arts, they usually don’t consider memory retention as one of the top five. But this is one of the primary benefits you’ll notice once you’ve been practicing for a while. Memory retention is developed through the constant movements, techniques and skills to which you’ll be exposed. Let’s […]

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Benefits of Martial Arts Training: Introduction

When I think back over the years of my own martial arts training, I can’t help but reflect on how martial arts impacted me outside of the dojo, and far beyond simple punches, kicks and blocks. In fact, when I think back on how my martial arts training has impacted my life, it has less […]

Karate Uniform Gi Sizing Chart

Karate Uniform (Gi) Sizing Chart

The karate uniform, known as a Gi, sizing chart is for student uniforms. These uniforms are perfect for the beginner student as they are designed in a light weight material to offer flexibility, breath-ability and durability. The cotton-polyester blend will resist wrinkling after washing. The pants offer an elastic waistband and lends itself to a […]

karate lessons online

The Ultimate Aim of Training Martial Arts through Karate Lessons Online

  Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan Karate-do, understood and taught the reason for learning martial arts is not about being the best fighter, but rather being the best person. Learning martial arts (whether taking karate lessons online or in a more traditional dojo) is about character development, along with other life enhancing attributes attained […]

Online Karate Martial Arts Lessons at Home

Earn Your Black Belt Online In 12 Months!

Yes you read that right! You can earn your Black Belt Online in just 12 months. We offer an accelerated online karate program that will assist you in earning your Black Belt Online in just 12 short months. This is possible through the our 24/7 training options that allows you to never miss a class, […]

Online Karate Training Video

We Aren’t New To Teaching Martial Arts at Home

We’ve Been Teaching Martial Arts at Home For Quite Sometime!   Sensei Mark Roscoe has been employing distant learning methods of teaching martial arts for over 20 years! “From the very beginning, I realized the benefits of helping students train martial arts at home.” – Sensei Mark Roscoe While we haven’t always taught martial arts […]