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Mark Roscoe with Sensei CarriaBegan Training in 1982

Mark began his martial arts training in 1982 with Sensei John Carria. Sensei Carria had recently returned from active duty with the Marine Corps in Okinawa where he trained in Okinawan Uechi-ryu Karate-do. Mark would train with Sensei Carria for several years in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area eventually earning his black belt under the skillful tutelage of Sensei Carria. If you look just over Sensei Carria’s head, you can see Mark’s life-long friend and fellow black belt, Glen Dickenson. Training in those days meant showing up at the local community building, usually with heat off in the winter and with little or no air conditioning during the summer. Which meant the tile floors would be so cold in the winter you could hardly feel your feet for the first hour (we trained for 2-3 hours per class!), and in the summer they’d become dangerously slippery from sweat and condensation. However, those were some of the best training days Sensei Mark Roscoe recalls…. years loaded with many fond memories!


Sensei Mark Roscoe TeachingStarted Teaching in 1985

Sensei Roscoe started teaching martial arts in 1985 as an assistant instructor for Sensei Carria. Beginning with humble beginnings of warming up the class for Sensei Carria, Sensei Roscoe would eventually begin teaching and leading complete classes as the primary instructor. Sensei Roscoe taught for Sensei Carria in dojo’s in Fredericksburg, Woodbridge, and eventually Alexandria, Virginia. These were some formidable years in which Sensei Roscoe took classes, attended seminars and researched the best methods for teaching martial arts to a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. 


Sensei Roscoe's First DojoOpened First School in 1992

Sensei Mark Roscoe opened his first dojo (karate school) in the spring of 1992. At 1250 square feet this dojo would provide a spring board for Sensei Roscoe’s teaching and community leadership as he began to spread Traditional Okinawan Karate throughout the Stafford, Virginia area. Located in a busy shopping center, Sensei Roscoe experienced rapid growth and within one year had reached an amazing 120 students! It was during this time that Sensei Roscoe would begin training and studying under the direct guidance of Grandmaster Kanmei Uechi. 


Began Training and Studying Under Kanmei Uechi

Mark Roscoe with Sensei Kanmei UechiIn 1991 there began a split in the Uechi-ryu system of karate upon the death of Kanei Uechi, the second generation Uechi to be recognized as the grandmaster of Uechi-ryu. Kanmei took over the style when his father died, but other students wanted to control the organization, and as a result there was some splitting in the style. During this time Sensei Roscoe made the decision to align with the family, taking Kanmei Uechi as his new instructor. Sensei Kanmei visited Sensei Roscoe’s dojo several times over the years. It was another sad day on 13 September 2015 when Kanmei also died. The Uechi-ryu system of martial arts won’t ever die, but it has been weakened as a unit since the death of this father and son. Uechi-ryu continues to be taught in it’s most pure forms, but now under many different organizations and affilitations. Sensei Roscoe continues to spread the style through the Okinawan Martial Arts Association with his school carrying a similar name of Okinawan Martial Arts Academy. This online teaching resource is supported by these entities.




Developed First At Home Training Videos in 1995:


Has Won Local, Regional, National and World Championships:


Currently Holds Black Belt Rankings in Okinawan Uechi-ryu Karate:


Founded International Black Belt Club:


Began Teaching Online in 2015:



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